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Review of BIGG BOSS by Kashif Qureshi

Review of BIGG BOSS by Kashif Qureshi

Kashif Qureshi, a nominated celebrity which has taken part in the popular family reality show BIGG BOSS has reviewed the show in his view. According to our sources, he has said that it is a very dangerous show which unveals secrets about the players and participators in it.

Now lets see how Salman Khan takes that review in his way and see what will happen later in the show on the elimination episode.

Karan Johar comes to BIGG BOSS with Student of the year actors

Karan Johar with Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan will be visiting Salman's hosted show BIGG BOSS tonight at 9 pm but only Karan Johar will go inside the House. These three names are the actors which are in the film STUDENT OF THE YEAR.

BIGG BOSS 6 getting 30% increase in ratings

All the previous BIGG BOSS shows were running as usual but when Salman started season 6 with a bang, lots of fans and celebrities liked it. Many celebrities also took part in this family show which attracted their fans too. This led to 30% increase in the ratings of BIGG BOSS 6 and hence proving that Salman is a mastermind and a first class superstar of BOLLYWOOD, which knows the need of his fans.

Salman Khan becomes the most expensive TV Host

As we all know about the merits of Salman , how he changes every movie he makes a blockbuster and a hit in the BOX OFFICE. Recently his upcoming movie DABANGG 2 and he is becoming popular day by day. His show BIGG BOSS 6 made him even more popular. He now charges more than any other BOLLYWOOD superstar for hosting a TV show. Our sources say that he charges almost 4 CRORES per episode. He is now ranked number one against the others. Amir Khan is second with 3 CRORES and Sharukh Khan is ranked third with 2 CRORES.

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed

The contestants of the reality celebrity show, BIGG BOSS 6 are revealed. They are as mentioned below:

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed  KARISHMA KOTAK

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed AASHKA GORADIA

 BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed URVASHI DHOLAKIA

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed  SAYANTANI GOSH

 BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed ASEEM TRIVEDI

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed DINESH LAL YADAV

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed DELNAZ IRANI

BIGG BOSS 6 contestants revealed  RAJEV PAUL

Bigg Boss Season 6 Coming Soon On Color TV

Bigg Boss Season 6 Coming Soon On Color TV
Salman Khan coming soon on color tv bigg boss season 6 2012. its salman khans 1st poster preview. really salman khan looking more dashing and hot. and day by day his physique increase his fan ranking. so dear fans of salman khan just wait for coming show.

Salman Khan New Promo Of BIG BOSS Season 6 | Salman Khan New French Style 2012-13

Salman Khan New Promo Of BIG BOSS Season 6 | Salman Khan New French Style 2012-13
Salman Khan's new beard in french style not for Sher Khan movie. it is for the promo shooting of Big Boss Season 6. it will start soon on Color Tv. every one can enter in Big Boss Season 6, just watch the promo and give cool comments. Salman Khan fans are just waiting for Big Boss season 6. 

Big Boss House Season 6 Shifted Back To The Original Place Lonavala | Salman In Big Boss Six

In season one the big boss was located in Lonavala but in season four they choose Karjat from Lonavala. every ones think about reason of shifting, the reason is Shiv Sena. the political party threat them and due to evolved in protest against Pakistani actress Veena Malik and other Pakistani Anchors Nawazish Ali in this season four. in future season five also hosted in same place but big boss house producer says that in season 6 they again host there show in same place like season one at Lonavala which is hosted by Salman Khan INSHALLAH. Salman Khan say that Lonavala is better place for big boss show then Karjat. big boss six will launched from October, 02, 2012.

Salman Khan Will Host For Bigg Boss Season 6 | Bigg Boss 6 Host By Salman Khan On Colors Tv

Salman Khan again will be hosting Bigg Boss season 6. last year he was so busy thats way Salman Khan asked to his Friend sanjay dutt for co-host the Bigg Boss show. but according to recent bollywood report, Salman Khan will be host alone Bigg Boss season 6 2012. the show is also joyful then previews seasons because every ones know about comedy of Salman Khan.