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Salman's marriage not in his parent's hands

As Salman Khan is getting more popular day by day, he is also aging day by day too which means that he is now at the age of 46. We all are expected that Salman should be married early by now but he is not planning anything about his wedding. All the fans are excited about who his wife will be.

During a recent interview of Salman's father Salim Khan at the National Kishore Kumar Award for the year 2011-12, in Khandwa, he said:

”Salman’s Wedding is not in our hands. Today Even God does not know when Salman will get married.”

This means that we have no idea that when Salman will be married. His father has expected his daughter-in-law to be found early. Lets see what Salman does later on.

Salim Khan getting The National Kishore Kumar Award

Salim Khan, the father of Salman Khan, has been awarded the NATIONAL KISHORE KUMAR AWARD FOR THE YEAR 2012-13 for his extra ordinary script writing and work. He was awarded by the MADHYA PRADESH GOVERNMENT. Salim Khan was in Khandwa to recieve the award and the award carried a citation of two lakh rupees. Excluding that, Salim also described and gave a speech on Kishore Kumar and said that no one was able to replicate him.

Salim Khan comments on Salmam's Career

As we all know that Salman was not popular nor serious at the start of his career. He was not a hardworking actor but a lazy one but nowadays Salman Khan is getting more popular day by day and showing professionalism for example EK THA TIGER became a huge success. Salim Khan gave the reason of this problem of Salman:

"I have always said that he had not delivered what he promised, or was capable of, till now. I always told him that he had to be serious and that the moment he became serious he would go where he is today. Salman always had it in him - he was credible in the fight sequences, could dance well, and was good at romance, comedy and drama.

By that I mean that he took undue risks. There are so many times accepted films to oblige friends, or did films because someone told him a sob story. He has done a record number of guest roles that did not save the films but added flops to his name, because the moment he came in for a cameo that needed a few days' work it was projected as a Salman Khan film, and that disappointed audiences."

Salim khan supporting Salman Khan | Amitabh Bachan's 70th Birthday Bash

Last week, an event took place which was attended by all the celebrities and superstars of Bollywood, and that event was Amitabh Bachan's 70th Birthday Bash. In that event , Amitabh invited Salim Khan , the father of Salman Khan because he helped him in many films and movies i.e DON.

The latest news is that he refused and never went to his birthday party because his equally famous son Salman Khan was not invited to the party. Salim Khan supported Salman being a father and refused the invitation to a very big event of Bollywood industry.