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The EK THA TIGER effect

The EK THA TIGER effect

Salman Khan recently made a blockbuster film named EK THA TIGER, which rewarded him the title of TIGER, caused so much fame for him that he is now performing high quality advertisements.

Recent news suggest that Salman Khan is endorsing up a biscuit brand named Tiger Biscuits and finished his AD shooting which will allow him to be seen on TV. He has already got famous because of the name Tiger so he will get enough response from almost every part of India and other countries. The biscuit company will also get maximum response with sales.

Review of BIGG BOSS by Kashif Qureshi

Review of BIGG BOSS by Kashif Qureshi

Kashif Qureshi, a nominated celebrity which has taken part in the popular family reality show BIGG BOSS has reviewed the show in his view. According to our sources, he has said that it is a very dangerous show which unveals secrets about the players and participators in it.

Now lets see how Salman Khan takes that review in his way and see what will happen later in the show on the elimination episode.

Salman claims to play role of all three Khans

Salman claims to play role of all three Khans

In a recent interview with the filmaker, producer and the actor Karan Johar, he said that he wants to bring all three Khans into one film and if he did so, he will admit himself in the hospital. Salman Khan got his attention and replied to him and the media that he can play the role of all the three Khans together. His own words are:

 “I am happy that you met Karan before meeting me. First you have to tell me, which three Khans are you speaking about?  Anyway, I can play all the three Khans role together. I will don Shahrukh’s RA.One look, my Dabangg look and Aamir’s Ghajini look.”

Salman's marriage not in his parent's hands

As Salman Khan is getting more popular day by day, he is also aging day by day too which means that he is now at the age of 46. We all are expected that Salman should be married early by now but he is not planning anything about his wedding. All the fans are excited about who his wife will be.

During a recent interview of Salman's father Salim Khan at the National Kishore Kumar Award for the year 2011-12, in Khandwa, he said:

”Salman’s Wedding is not in our hands. Today Even God does not know when Salman will get married.”

This means that we have no idea that when Salman will be married. His father has expected his daughter-in-law to be found early. Lets see what Salman does later on.

Salman's secret of fitness nowadays

During the last days, Salman has been busy in shooting of DABANGG 2 in Satara. The question is that how Salman remains fit during there with no gyms available? The secret is revealed, the secret is that Salman walks daily from one point to another point till he completes 30 kilometers.

Walking is a very good activity for fitness and healthcare which he does daily. This decreases cholestrol and fat level and allows him to keep his muscles and packs maintained.

Salman left use of cigarettes

Recent news suggest that Salman Khan left the use of cigarettes. It is a very difficult task for any human being to leave cigars but Salman is just like a superman because he already left it. We can say this event or refer it as the dialogue of the Bollywood Box Office's Top movie WANTED. In it Salman said that EK BAAR MENE COMITTMENT KARDI TO MEN APNI BHI NHI SUNTA and he really did it.

Another secret is that Salman has also found its alternate. During many events, Salman is seen with a pocket full of Chewing Gums which he uses to avoid cigarettes. It is an also good way to avoid the use of a cancer which gives nothing but harm.

Salim Khan getting The National Kishore Kumar Award

Salim Khan, the father of Salman Khan, has been awarded the NATIONAL KISHORE KUMAR AWARD FOR THE YEAR 2012-13 for his extra ordinary script writing and work. He was awarded by the MADHYA PRADESH GOVERNMENT. Salim Khan was in Khandwa to recieve the award and the award carried a citation of two lakh rupees. Excluding that, Salim also described and gave a speech on Kishore Kumar and said that no one was able to replicate him.

Salim Khan comments on Salmam's Career

As we all know that Salman was not popular nor serious at the start of his career. He was not a hardworking actor but a lazy one but nowadays Salman Khan is getting more popular day by day and showing professionalism for example EK THA TIGER became a huge success. Salim Khan gave the reason of this problem of Salman:

"I have always said that he had not delivered what he promised, or was capable of, till now. I always told him that he had to be serious and that the moment he became serious he would go where he is today. Salman always had it in him - he was credible in the fight sequences, could dance well, and was good at romance, comedy and drama.

By that I mean that he took undue risks. There are so many times accepted films to oblige friends, or did films because someone told him a sob story. He has done a record number of guest roles that did not save the films but added flops to his name, because the moment he came in for a cameo that needed a few days' work it was projected as a Salman Khan film, and that disappointed audiences."

Salman believes to make changes in the songs

Many momnts earlier, we saw that Salman Khan was not taking his work seriously but now we see that Salman is working hard and showing professionalism.

Before the releasing of any movie, he always listens to its songs and if he does not likes them, he makes changes in them. Wajid, who is Salman's friend and music composer, he said about him:

"Salman Bhai loves music. He is a very musical man. He makes sure that he is present when the songs are being made for his films."

"He wants to hear it before hand and believes in mugging up all the songs. He will learn the songs and portray them perfectly on screen. When he is on screen, he knows which antra or mukdha will come next."

Salim khan supporting Salman Khan | Amitabh Bachan's 70th Birthday Bash

Last week, an event took place which was attended by all the celebrities and superstars of Bollywood, and that event was Amitabh Bachan's 70th Birthday Bash. In that event , Amitabh invited Salim Khan , the father of Salman Khan because he helped him in many films and movies i.e DON.

The latest news is that he refused and never went to his birthday party because his equally famous son Salman Khan was not invited to the party. Salim Khan supported Salman being a father and refused the invitation to a very big event of Bollywood industry.

Manisha Koirala tells how charming Salman is | Salman's charm

As we know that Manisha is always at the top of her game. She is a good performer. She tells that Salman is a kind hearted man and a real helper of the poor and the needy. He also helps his friends whenever they need him. Once she said to Salman that she would not perform until paid but Salman performed it not thinking about the money. She also spotted Salman when he took of his shirt and donated it to a beggar.

Karan Johar comes to BIGG BOSS with Student of the year actors

Karan Johar with Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan will be visiting Salman's hosted show BIGG BOSS tonight at 9 pm but only Karan Johar will go inside the House. These three names are the actors which are in the film STUDENT OF THE YEAR.

The leading lady of Sher Khan | Angela Johnson

As you all know about Sher Khan , the new movie which is confirmed to release on EID 2013, will have only one leading female role which is to be done by Angela Johnson. She has to learn martial arts due to performing the parts of two characters and being new to the industry. Salman Khan said that she will be described as the combination of FEARLESS NADIA and LARA CROFT

Salman Khan latest interview about popularity

During an interview, Salman was asked many questions as he is becoming popular day by day. He made many blockbusters in his life which includes WANTED 61 CRORES, DABANGG 140.25 CRORES, READY 119.80 CRORES, BODYGAURD 148.20 CRORES and EK THA TIGER 200+ CRORES. He was asked many questions about his popularity and he answered them regarding his fans.

Salman to get anger mangement tips

Recent interviews suggest that Salman is dealing with some anger management issues. He talks about it during an interview that sometimes he loses control over it and releases his angry self. He refers to some channels too who makes him angry alot. Some of them are SPLITSVILLA , CHEATERS etc. He also hates it even if some one from the media comes to his door for no reason , just for an interview.

Salman Khan, the Fashion God's son

As we know that Salman brings new fashion with the nick of time, he now introduces a new fashion by adding a BROOCH PIN after red tomato pants. Elizabeth Hurley and Lady Gaga used this fashion before but Salman now removes the boundary for women from this fashion.

Salman wants to make films under ''BEING HUMAN''

The latest buzz on the news is that Salman is looking for a company which can support and sponsor his charity BEING HUMAN. He found two brands. A footwear brand who will give 2 Crore and a share from their sales and a Cola brand which will pay BEING HUMAN. Salman said that he is excited and looking forward to work hard with them.

Salman asks Ajay Devgn for a favor

Salman and Ajay share a very nice friendship around the past years till now as Salman also did a song for Ajay in his film SON OF SARDAR. Now Salman asks a favor to have Sonakshi Sinha for his shooting of the song in DABANGG 2, Ajay accepted it thus Sonakshi will not accompany Ajay for his promotional events of SON OF SARDAR.

Malaika Arora concentrates on scenes in DABANGG 2

Malaika Arora is a well known, beautiful actress which does wonderful and entertaining item songs. She is also known as THE ITEM GIRL. as her biggest item song was of DABANGG 1 in 2010. Now she will bless her skills on DABANGG 2 and will surely be of help to Salman and Arbaaz.

Salman Khan and Atul Jointly signed Pulkit Samrat in their next production

Salman Khan and Atul Aghnihotri are planning a new project. Their last project was BODYGUARD which became the biggest and most popular movie of the year 2011. Now they both are signing Pulkit Samrat in their next project but Salman not carrying the leading role.